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Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wine Enthusiast. 13 per yr. (13 Issues). 1 Year 13 Issues for $29.95. Cover Price: $77.87. Just $2.30 Per Issue! You Save $47.92 (61%) OFF the cover price!. Wine Enthusiast. Wine Enthusiast Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that is comprised of expert information on gourmet food, spirits, travel, entertaining, and of course, wine. Its wine ratings encompass a large portion of the magazine, which are conducted by well-seasoned reviewers in major wine-producing areas all over the world. This section of Wine Enthusiast Magazine is considered to contain influential assessments for wine consumers and professionals in the wine-making industry. While the focus of the magazine is on educating and appreciating exquisite wines as part of a good living, it also regularly spotlights travel hot-spots, beautiful vineyards, food and wine pairings, serving suggestions, and more. Wine Enthusiast magazine is enjoyed by nearly 700,000 readers every month and has remained one of the best-selling food and wine magazines since its founding twenty years ago. Publisher: Pro Circ.

Pointe Magazine

Pointe. (12 Issues). 1 Year 6 Issues for $12.95. You Save $34.93 (58%) OFF the cover price!. Just $2.16 Per Issue! You Save $16.99 (56%) OFF the cover price!. Pointe. The only magazine dedicated exclusively to the world of ballet. Go behind the scenes with todays top ballet companies and stars, plus achieve your career goals, dress to impress, and stay fit and happy. Publisher: Dance, LLC.

Phoenix Magazine

Phoenix Magazine. (24 Issues). 1 Year 12 Issues for $14.95. You Save $95.76 (79%) OFF the cover price!. Just $1.25 Per Issue! You Save $44.93 (75%) OFF the cover price!. Phoenix Magazine. If you love dining, shopping, travel and more, look no further! Phoenix magazine is the premier guide to enjoying all that Arizona’s great city has to offer. Each issue features articles on everything from Arizona history to local personalities. You’ll find expert reviews of Phoenix’s best restaurants and features on everything that makes this metropolitan area an exquisite place to live and visit. Phoenix magazine is your source of information on the “best of the best” in Phoenix doctors, dentists, you name it. Read up on current events and issues and essential tips on enjoying and exploring this great city. With a calendar of events and guides to the city’s best bars, this publication is your tool to staying “in the know” when it comes to Phoenix. Breathtaking photos of the city and thought-provoking editorials complete the magazine’s colorful package. Publisher: Cities West Publishing.. Phoenix Magazine is the one I await every month. The Travel issue is a keeper for any in state travel planning. The features and hidden restaurants are things I try to visit and have never been dissapointed. Phoenix Magazine is a must read for all.

American Snowmobiler Magazine

American Snowmobiler. Bi-Monthly. (6 Issues). 1 Year 6 Issues for $16.95. Cover Price: $23.94. Just $2.82 Per Issue! You Save $6.99 (29%) OFF the cover price!. American Snowmobiler. Rated #1 by snowmobilers. Provides hard hitting, tell it like it is editorial for snowmobile enthusiasts of all ages. Full color buyer’s guide, new sled evaluations, hot new products, how to articles, travel features, racing industry news and rumors. Publisher: Kalmbach Publ Co.

Quiltmaker Magazine

Quiltmaker. Bi-Monthly. (6 Issues). 1 Year 6 Issues for $29.97. Cover Price: $35.94. Just $5.00 Per Issue! You Save $5.97 (16%) OFF the cover price!. Quiltmaker. First-time quilters and experienced sewers alike will learn beneficial tips and tricks in each new issue of Quiltmaker magazine. Filled with accurate quilt patterns for quilts of all sizes and skill levels, editor-tested product reviews and quick-to-make projects for home decorating and gifts! Every issue is sure to deliver on its promise to help quilters create beautiful quilts from start to finish. Publisher: F & W Media, Inc.. I would get every magazine out there if I could. After looking at all of them, Quiltmaker is by far my favorite. Its easy to understand and is all around GREAT. I love it and will always have a subscription.

Wine Spectator Magazine

Wine Spectator. 15 per yr. (15 Issues). 1 Year 15 Issues for $59.95. Cover Price: $89.25. Just $4.00 Per Issue! You Save $29.30 (32%) OFF the cover price!. Wine Spectator. With vivid articles and exquisite spotlights on wineries and travel destinations, it’s no wonder that Wine Spectator is America’s largest-selling wine publication. Whether you’re the ultimate wine connoisseur or simply interested in the lifestyle, Wine Spectator is a fundamental resource for the latest information on tastings, rank and production in the wine industry. Every issue comes with a “Buying Guide,” full of discerning reviews and ratings for over 500 wine releases. With a pocket-size shopping list in every issue, Wine Spectator not only makes it easy to find that perfect bottle of wine to complement a particular dish – it transforms wine consumption into an informative and interactive experience. Issues include detachable cards depicting featured wines for easy reference, along with wine ratings lists scored by expert editors. You’ll also find essential lists offering organized breakdowns, such as “The 50 Finest California Reds,” and contact information of wineries to schedule your next excursion!. Publisher: Shanken Communications.. There are a lot of great wine magazines and guides out there, but I enjoy how Wine Spectator incorporates so many other aspects of life into its pages. I love the articles on the spectacular cellars in California and the detailed reviews of restaurants and chefs from around the world. When trying out new wines, I appreciate the fact that I have a trustworthy and reliable source in the magazine’s critics, writers and editors. Having a subscription is well worth the price. Not only is it entertaining, but you’re essentially getting an insider’s guide to travel and dining. Actual guides, which aren’t even as good as Wine Spectator, cost double, triple the price. Plus, you’ll never waste money on a bottle of wine that ends up not suiting your tastes, because you know exactly what you’re getting into thanks to the in-depth reviews and critiques!.

Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Cigar Aficionado. Bi-Monthly. (6 Issues). 1 Year 6 Issues for $24.95. Cover Price: $29.70. Just $4.16 Per Issue! You Save $4.75 (15%) OFF the cover price!. Cigar Aficionado. More than just the bible of the cigar craze, Cigar Aficionado is about a way of life. You’ll find topical articles about upscale travel, culture, collectibles, fashion and emerging hobbies. Oh, and yes, stogies too. Publisher: Shanken Communications.

First For Women Magazine

First For Women. 17 per yr. (17 Issues). 1 Year 17 Issues for $19.97. Cover Price: $42.33. Just $1.17 Per Issue! You Save $22.36 (52%) OFF the cover price!. First For Women. A women’s interest magazine, First for Women gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First for Women delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family. First for Women crafts every page with uplifting articles that encourage positivity. Thoughtful advice guides through everyday challenges at home and work. Practical ideas for fashion, and quick tips for hair and makeup are included in each issue. Discover new recipes and decorating tips that will turn a house into a home. Expect stories and insights that will bring even more purpose to life. Publisher: Bauer Publishing.. I would love for you guys to do an in depth article on women who have special needs children and CAN NOT get the sleep they need for successful weight loss. I am a fitness professional and I have first hand knowledge of this issue and I know there are a lot of your readers who would benefit from a well written and well researched article on what can help them with their sleep issues and weight. Every issue has great ideas for those who suffer from something that can be corrected with diet and supplements but when a person had chronic sleep deprivation it makes it really, really hard to loose the weight even if your diet is right on point and you are physically active. I for one would love to see this written.

Beckett Football Magazine

Beckett Football . (12 Issues). 1 Year 12 Issues for $44.95. You Save $164.81 (68%) OFF the cover price!. Just $3.75 Per Issue! You Save $74.93 (62%) OFF the cover price!. Beckett Football . Publisher: Beckett Collectibles.

Kit Planes Magazine

Kit Planes. Monthly. (12 Issues). 1 Year 12 Issues for $19.95. Cover Price: $59.88. Just $1.66 Per Issue! You Save $39.93 (66%) OFF the cover price!. Kit Planes. Just imagine what the Wright Brothers are thinking now? Their primitive invention, paving the way and creating a huge industry. You share in their spirit for flight, and so does Kit Planes, the magazine for designers, builders and pilots of experimental aircraft. You’ll get insight from top builders with advice on how to improve your own building technique. Personal profiles and product reviews make this a complete magazine for those who are serious about aviation. Publisher: Belvoir Media Group, LLC.