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Golfweek Magazine

Golfweek magazine is a weekly magazine and is currently the flagship publication of the Orlando, FL based publishing house Turnstile. The magazine showcases the best golf courses in the US each week. Golfweek’s ratings and reviews of golf courses are often quoted by leading newspapers and golf websites. Finding a golf course listed by Golfweek simply translates into you getting closer to golfing goodness. What’s more, you can learn how to take the best shot and even how to clinch victory in a golf match straight from the pros who have lived and breathed the game. The guest columnists of Golfweek are some of the iconic figures of US golf scene.

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One of the Best

Golfweek is arguably the best weekly golf magazines published in the US. The magazine has often topped the bestseller chart in this category – and for a reason. For years, Golfweek magazine has been serving up scoops on golf tourneys, player reviews and ratings, expert tips, and much more. Today’s golf world is fast changing, and Golfweek swings with the change. If you want to stay abreast about the latest happenings in the golf world, subscribing to Golfweek is almost an imperative.

Regular Features

Every issue of Golfweek weekly magazine contains 35 to 65 pages. Some of the regular sections that you can find in every issue are:

– Newsmakers: Find the breaking news in the golf world

– Competition: Know about the current and upcoming golf tournaments

– Scoreboard: Stats, scores and standings

– Business: Covers ancillary industry news

– Voices: Letters to the editor

– Our Opinion: User opinions about controversial matters in golf

– Perspective: A place for insightful articles written by senior columnists

Apart from the above, the sections on ‘College’ (about college golf teams), ‘Rankings’ (highest paid golfers), ‘For Your Game’ (tutorials) are also extremely popular among readers.

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Golf Tips Magazine

Golf Tips magazine is for anyone who loves the game. There are instructions to improve the game of any player, whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years. The magazine includes advice, the newest equipment, the best courses, and buyer guides. No matter what your aspirations, to play professionally or to play with your friends on the weekend, Golf Tips is the golfing magazine for you. Order your subscription today!

Improving Your Game

Whether you want to improve your swing, your stance, or just like reading about your sport, you will love all the articles in this magazine. Many of the articles feature advice from the pro golfers that you love to watch in the Masters. You will be hitting your balls further than ever with even more accuracy and will impress all your friends with your new skills. The instruction section of the magazine will help you to improve every aspect of your golf game. There are articles on driving, putting, short game, strategy, and so much more. You will never have to go anywhere else for help on your game after ordering your new subscription of this golfing magazine.

Equipment and Guides

If you equip yourself with Golf Tips magazine, you will never have to worry if you are buying the best equipment again. This discount subscription will provide you with excellent information about the best drivers, fairway woods/hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, shafts, and any other equipment you need out on the course. Along with informing you of all the equipment available, the editors provide their own recommendations to help you choose the equipment that will be the best for you.

Your Course to the Best Courses

Not only does Golf Tips mag help you improve your game with its tips and equipment recommendations, but it also tells you the best courses on which to play. The magazine lists all the best courses in respect to the region of the country that they are in. It doesn’t matter whether you are wanting to golf while you are on your family vacation or you are just looking for a new course to go to on the weekends, you will find a course you love with Golf Tips help.

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Golf Digest Magazine

Golf Digest is a monthly magazine dedicated to golf players, enthusiasts, and everybody else associated with the sport in some way or the other. If you are an avid golfer or you are new to the sport and just learning the basics, you can learn the tricks from the pros by subscribing to Golf Digest. The publisher, Conde Nast Publications, also publishes thee other magazines, namely Gold World Business, Golf World, and Golf for Women that are also worth subscribing to if you are a true golf addict.

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Golf Craze

Golf Digest is a must-read for those who are new to golfing, but it’s a great read for golfing veterans, as well. If you are still not aware of the basics of the game, this magazine will teach you how to play the golf. However, if you play like a pro and you are basically looking for expert tips for improving your technique, you can find hundred reasons to subscribe to Golf Digest. Moreover, finding the best golf courses and clubs in your area becomes much easier when you start flipping through the pages. Between the slick covers, you will find:

– Golf technique improvement tips

– Reviews of the latest golfing equipment

– Best golfing destinations in the US

– Upcoming golf tournaments

– Golfing success stories

– Lifestyle articles

Top Golf Courses

Since the mid-sixties, Golf Digest has been ranking the top golf courses in the USA. This magazine, once nominated for the National Magazine Award, comes up with the top-100 list of golf courses in the country every year. You can also learn about newer golf courses that were recently developed and inaugurated.

Connecting Golf & Lifestyle

Golf Digest explores the convergence of golf and lifestyle. Though it a great read for any sports fan, it is essentially a lifestyle magazine meant for golfers and golf enthusiasts in general.

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Kingdom Magazine

Kingdom Magazine is brought to you by Arnold Palmer one of golf’s most famous and loved personalities. A high end golf publication, throughout every issue of Kingdom Magazine you will find editorial and photography of the highest calibre, written by some of the best known names in golf journalism. Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.