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Warbirds Intl Magazine

Warbirds International is the only magazine devoted to airworthy vintage and veteran military aircraft. Warbirds presents great photography on these rare and fascinating aircraft while giving complete coverage on their restoration and operation. Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.

Air And Space Magazine

The Smithsonian provides you with a magazine that is burgeoning with information about modern aviation, space, military, the history of flight, and riveting interviews from renowned pilots. If you are interested in modern and historical information about flight and the cosmos you will love this magazine. Purchase your Air & Space subscription today!

Flight Today and Yesterday

By ordering a subscription to Air & Space, you will be subscribing to an education in both the history of flight and the modern marvels of flight. The magazine features articles about various airplanes models, interviews with famous pilots, historical accounts of aviators from World War I, and so much more. There is also a section of every issue entitled, Daily Planet, that provides you with more current issues impacting travel on earth and in the cosmos. You will love all the information brought to you through fascinating articles that will keep you riveted from cover to cover.

Exploring Space from Home

No other magazine keeps you informed about all the latest technology that is involved in the current aviation operations beyond earth. From features on America’s next spaceship to testing the survival skills of different organisms when in space, there are interesting articles in every single issue of Air & Space that will keep you waiting for the next one! It doesn’t matter if you have been an enthusiast for your entire life or you have only recently cultivated an interest, there is something for everyone in this magazine.

Military Ventures

Learn about the aviators that protect America and the planes the fly through articles featured in Air & Space magazine. You will love learning about current developments in military aviation as well as the historical models that helped to bring technology to this point. You will be able to read about training exercises, missiles, plane models and more with your subscription.

Air & Space is the perfect magazine for any flight and space enthusiast. Order your subscription today!

Flying Magazine

Flying magazine is a great resource for pilots. In each issue, you will receive interesting and informative articles about aircraft, avionics, gear, training, techniques, and careers. Whether you fly as a hobby or are a professional pilot, you will enjoy reading this periodical each month. There is also information about gear that you will enjoy reading as well. Order your discount Flying magazine subscription today!

Kit Planes Magazine

Kit Planes magazine is the publication for the homebuilding hobbyist. Featuring articles about the history of homebuilding, the current trends, helpful tips for first time builders, a directory of support groups, and a section of homebuilts that people like you have completed. If you love building planes, you will love this magazine. Order your subscription today!

Build Your Knowledge to Build Your Plane

With Kit Planes magazine, you can learn how to get started on your first or next plane. Even if homebuilding has been your go-to hobby for years, this publication provides information on the latest technologies that will make your hobby easier and more enjoyable than ever. There is also information in your subscription about where to store and fly your plane once it’s completed so that you can enjoy every aspect of your hobby while remaining worry-free.

Flight Models

With your discount subscription to Kit Planes, you will get an in depth look into all the latest airplane models that any hobbyist will love. From the SeaRey LSX Amphibian to the flying Mustang IIs. You will learn about how to have a bigger engine in your kit planes without sacrificing a light and dexterous airframe. Whether you prefer showy new styles or more retro planes with radial engines, you will love the models that Kit Planes magazine brings to your attention in every issue of your subscription. There are also numerous product reviews in each issue. These reviews will help you decide on the best parts and products for your homebuilt to insure that your plane has everything it needs.

Inspiring Features

Learn about amazing homebuilders like yourself who are taking homebuilding to the next level. Stories about the first four-seat homebuilt that flies across the Atlantic Ocean will inspire you to build an even better kit plane than your last one. You will also learn about navigation systems that will make your flights in your homebuilt airplane safe just in case you fly into a dangerous situation.

No matter how long you have been tinkering with your homebuilt hobby, you will love your discount subscription to Kit Planes magazine.

Order yours today!

Piper Owner Magazine

Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine is the go-to source for sports and exotic car collectors. As the world’s largest collector car marketplace, it contains extensive coverage of exciting new cars. Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.

Plane And Pilot Magazine

Plane & Pilot magazine is the ultimate guide for pilots who fly piston-engine aircrafts. Each issue of your subscription will provide you with numerous articles about makes and models of various types of aircraft, flying in different circumstances, the gear that you need for your next trip, and many other topics. You will enjoy having this resource to keep all of your flying knowledge up to date. Order your discount Plane & Pilot magazine subscription today!