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Life Extension Magazine

The Life Extension Foundation that is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida publishes the monthly publication, Life Extension magazine. Each edition contains articles about nutrition, hormones, and anti-aging supplements. There is also information about diseases that threaten society. Order your subscription to a better lifestyle by subscribing to Life Extension magazine today!

Womens Running Magazine

If you love hitting the pavement and racking up those miles, then Women’s Running Magazine is for you. Each issue is filled with helpful ideas, information, and guides to make the most out of your running and enrich your body and your soul.
Training TipsReading an issue of Women’s Running Magazine is like your very own personal trainer giving you the tips you need to optimize every run. From post-workout yoga to the best workout gear for your body type to how to get ready for your first marathon, it’s got you covered.
Practical AdviceBut running isn’t just about the workout, it’s about the lifestyle. The advice you’ll find in Women’s Running Magazine is all about embracing that lifestyle, with irresistible recipes to help you fuel up, guides to the best running destinations, and easy beauty fixes for those pesky running woes (black toenails, anyone?).
Inspiring StoriesEvery dedicated runner knows that a sense of community and a shared passion can keep you moving even when you feel like you can’t. The stories in Running Women’s Magazine chronicle the struggles and triumphs of real women who run to get healthy, to de-stress, to look good, and, most of all, to feel happy. Their stories will remind you why you run and of all the fulfillment that it brings.So go ahead and stay on track to a healthy, happy you with an affordable subscription of Women’s Running Magazine through DiscountMags! Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.

Mens Journal Magazine

Men’s Journal magazine provides you with great information about health, fitness, food, drinks, travel, adventure, and gear. You will be a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled you with the help of this publication. Order your subscription to a lifestyle of adventure today by subscribing to Men’s Journal magazine!

Prevention Magazine

Prevention magazine is a magazine for people who want to get the latest information about issues such as weight loss and disease prevention. Each issue also has articles about topics including fitness, food, mind and body health, beauty, and more. Subscribe to a great and informative publication today by ordering Prevention magazine!

Vogue Magazine

What is Vogue? It is a magazine devoted to providing you with articles about fashion and style and the influence that they have over modern culture. Whether you work in the fashion industry or are devoted to all things stylish, you will love everything about this magazine. For over a century it has been renowned for providing readers with style, beauty, and cultural articles. Subscribe to fashion today by ordering a discounted Vogue magazine subscription!

Womans Day Magazine

Woman’s Day magazine is a magazine designed for women just like you. Featuring great articles that you will adore in every issue that deal with topics such as, nutritional recipes, health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships, style, and so much more. You will find yourself looking forward to your issue coming in the mail each month. Order your Woman’s Day subscription now!

Clean Eating Magazine

Clean Eating magazine is the perfect publication for anyone who enjoys having a healthy diet or that is looking to start preparing healthier foods for themselves and their family. If you fall into either of those categories, you should order a discount subscription to Clean Eating magazine today! In each issue you will receive a nearly innumerable number of recipes. Not only will you have access for recipes for all occasions, but they are easy and tasty as well. There are also many articles that provide you with information about the latest news regarding food and health.

Environmental Nutrition Magazine

The most authoritative, trusted and practical nutrition advisory in Amercia. Written for health-conscious men and women in plain, everyday English, it puts the preventive and health-giving powers of nutrition in your hands. Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.

Runners World Magazine

Runner’s World magazine is the top magazine for serious runners who want to improve their fitness and health by staying up to date on all the best health and training information. Every issue provides you with detailed training regimens, tips for better nutrition, gear reviews, and more. Subscribe to a better run by ordering your Runner’s World magazine subscription today!

Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Housekeeping magazine is a monthly publication owned and published by Hearst Corporation, a multinational media group nestled in the CBD of NYC. Founded in 1887, the magazine has secured its strong presence in the niche it serves, i.e. women’s wellness and lifestyle. If you love reading articles on recipes, diet, health, not to mention home improvement and maintenance, Good Housekeeping mag is an ideal choice for you. Good Housekeeping is not just any other women’s magazine available at newsstands. This industry pacesetter has been the face of urban American women, both young and old, through the decades.

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A Century Old Legacy

The journey of the women’s magazine has been illustrious. At a time when feminist movements were still a thing of the future, the magazine gained quick popularity among average American middle-class and affluent women. Through the years, the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval has become a popular catchphrase for products that pass the rigorous Good HouseKeeping testing. The magazine celebrates and promotes the good things in life, starting from good style to good food and so on. Each issue features the following sections that are extremely popular among readers:

– Product reviews

– Home and organizing

– Recipes

– Diet and health

– Beauty and style

– Relationships

– Holidays

If you are a voracious reader, you might find the articles in the Good Read section quite useful. On the other hand, home improvement tips and tweaks are also aplenty in every issue. The magazine features articles on various topics of women’s interest. Subscribe today through!

Every Woman’s Trusted Companion

Good Housekeeping magazine subscriptions are purchased predominantly by urban women in America who want to meet their family’s daily needs. From product reviews to DIY home improvement and tips for making baby food, moms have found the information they need in the magazine. Often dubbed as the most trusted women’s magazine, the magazine chronicles the essentials of well-being with each issue.

Great Offers

Good Housekeeping magazine is quite popular among women who are on the qui vive when it comes to health and diet tips, beauty advice, home maintenance, and family-related articles.

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