Category: Educational

Ladybug Magazine

Ladybug magazine is a literary publication dedicated to children between the ages of two and six (Pre-K to Grade 1). Each issue features fun stories that your son or daughter will love as well as beautiful illustrations that even you will appreciate. Every issue of this publication is focused on cultivating a love of both reading and learning in small children. Order your child a Ladybug magazine subscription today!

Humpty Dumpty Magazine

As an educational publication, Humpty Dumpty magazine is intended for children aged two to six years. It is a periodical that promotes healthy growth and education for children that has been produced for over many years. There is a large diversity of topics in each issue to encourage your child’s innate curiosity. Order a subscription to Humpty Dumpty magazine for your child today!

Fun for Kidz Magazine

Fun for Kidz is an activity magazine for children between the ages of five to thirteen years old. Every issue that arrives is based around a theme with the features and activities focused on that particular theme. Your son or daughter is guaranteed to stay busy with all of the fun and unique projects found in this periodical. Order your kid a discount Fun for Kidz magazine subscription today!

Spider Magazine

Spider magazine is the perfect periodical for any child between the ages of six and nine or grades 5-9. In each issue, your child will be able to read interesting poetry, fascinating non-fiction, and exciting narratives. Regardless of your child’s specific interests, he or she is guaranteed to find something that he or she loves in every edition of this periodical. Order your discount subscription to Spider magazine today!

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

Exciting Activities & Teaching Tools

Chirp Magazine

Chirp magazine is a fantastic educational magazine your young child. Perfect for children between the ages of three and six, this periodical provides you with many great stories, activities, and features that your son or daughter will love. Each issue seeks to foster a love of learning and reading in young children through its many fun early-learning activities. Order your child a discount Chirp magazine subscription today!

ChickaDEE Magazine

ChickaDEE magazine is a great educational publication for children between the ages of six and nine. Every issue encourages children to read and learn about the world around them. This magazine has an advisory board made up of children just like your child from all across North America who help develop the content for each issue so that your child is guaranteed to love all of the stories and activities. The periodical also has curriculum experts who help develop each edition to ensure that your child learns quality information in every single issue. Order your son or daughter a discount ChickaDEE magazine subscription today!