Category: DC Comics

The Flash Magazine

What is The Flash? It is a comic book series chronicling the life and adventures of Barry Allen. After the scientist was struck by lightening in his office and had chemicals spilled on him, he became the faster superhero in the DC Comics universe. Order your discount subscription to The Flash today to start following along in this comic book about one of the most unique DC superheroes!

Detective Comics Magazine

Detective Comics magazine is the continued adventure of one of the most iconic superheroes, Batman. You will enjoy reading about him and all your favorite characters in this title that is being re-launched for the first time. In each comic book, you will learn more about your favorite hero and why he does all that he does for the city of Gotham. Order your discount Detective Comics subscription today!

Trinity Magazine

In Trinity (formerly Batman/Superman), a new epic begins with this new, ongoing series by Greg Pak with art by Jae Lee! Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52! Magazine covers are used for illustrative purposes only and you may not receive a copy of the particular issue depicted. Your subscription will include the most recent issue once your subscription begins.

Green Lantern Magazine

With a Green Lantern subscription, not only will you learn about your favorite hero, but you will also gain access to information about the exclusive intergalactic police force. By mastering one powerful ring, a member of the corps holds the most powerful weapon in the universe. Order a discount subscription to the Green Lantern magazine to learn more about this legion of superheroes and their adventures saving the galaxy!

Wonder Woman Magazine

What is Wonder Woman? It is the DC comic about the most famous and iconic heroine ever created. You will love reading about this warrior princess and her quest for peace even though she was born a warrior. Even as she struggles with her internal battles over her warrior upbringing and her fight for peace for earth, she still battles on against her adversaries. You won’t be able to help yourself from following along as she finds herself and protects the world. Subscribe to Wonder Woman magazine to follow along and see what becomes of this heroine.

Aquaman Magazine

From DC Comics, comes the new Aquaman! For over 70 years, he has been a superhero icon standing alongside the Justice League to protect those who are in danger. He is known as the King of the Seven Seas and Reluctant Ruler of Atlantis. Due to his duel citizenship in Atlantis and in the surface world, he is not as well known as other members of the Justice League, but you will love his thrilling adventures nonetheless. Order the Aquaman comics today to read about the daring adventures in Atlantis and the Seven Seas.

Looney Tunes Magazine

Looney Tunes magazine is a great publication for people of all ages. Whether you are an adult and love reading about all of your favorite characters that you grew up with or a child interested in reading about the characters that you occasionally hear about or see on television, you will love this comic book series. Throughout the series you will see and read about all of the characters that you love so much and will enjoy reading about all of their new adventures. Order your discount subscription to Looney Tunes magazine today!

Teen Titans Magazine

If you love comic books and the DC Universe, you will love reading the Teen Titan comic series. This series features Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy. They are part of the same DC Universe that so many of your favorite superheroes protect, but they are protecting a world full of supernatural teenagers who will be the next heroes and villains for DC. You will love learning more about the heroes you love in their early forms as they are learning to take on their adult superhero roles, so subscribe to the discount Teen Titan magazine series today!

The Young Superheroes

You will love the new Teen Titans because even though they are powerful superheroes, they are still teenagers who go through the same things that every teenagers does. Red Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans. He is a trained master martial artist and has peak human strength and endurance. The second teenager of the group is Wonder Girl. She is empowered by various artifacts that were given to her by the Greek gods. Her powers include strength, speed, and flight. She also has a magic lasso that allows her to channel Zeus’s lightening when she is angry. Raven is the third member of the Teen Titans. She has the ability to undo ancient runes, travel to other dimensions, telekinesis, astral projection, levitation, and telepathy. The fourth member is Bunker. He has the ability to project Psionic bricks to form walls, structures, and armor. Beast Boy is the final member of the team and he can take the form of any animal in existence.

Their Futures

You will love reading about these five teenagers as they save their world in various ways all while coming of age. These characters are the younger versions of the heroes that you have always loved and their stories are pieces of the whole DC Universe. By subscribing to this comic you will learn more about the universe that you have grown to love so well.

You will love following the stories of these teen superheroes as they learn more about their abilities, their back-stories, and how they fit into the DC universe. Order your subscription to the new Teen Titans magazines today!

Green Arrow Magazine

Green Arrow is a comic book dedicated to Oliver Queen. In each issue of this periodical you will learn more about this unique hero, his life, and the adventures that he has. This is a great story of a man who changes his ways, and you will love it. Order your discount subscription to the Green Arrow today to start reading about Oliver Queen!

Green Lantern Corps Magazine

Green Lantern Corps comic series provides you with another story about the natives of the planet Maltus after they evolved into powerful beings. In each issue of your subscription, you can read about the latest adventures of your favorite immortals as they wage war against the evil throughout the Universe. You will enjoy reading each of the comics that you receive and look forward to the next installment. Order your discount Green Lantern Corps subscription today to start reading!