Category: Batman

Batman Magazine

Batman magazine is the comic book where you can learn more about the millionaire, Bruce Wayne, as he masquerades as the Dark Knight. In each issue, you will learn more about his history, the few people he cares deeply for, as well as the Gotham City’s greatest criminals. Order your discount subscription today to start reading about this iconic superhero!

Batgirl Magazine

Batgirl is the comic book series featuring Barbara Gordon. Barbara is the daughter of Gotham City’s best police officer, Commissioner Gordon. She is a strong willed and confidant young woman who has taken her father’s morals to heart. Follow along in the Batgirl comic to learn more about your favorite heroine. Order your discount subscription today!

Nightwing Magazine

Not much attention is devoted to those heroes who are merely the sidekicks to the heroes that are known so well. That isn’t the case with Nightwing. Follow along in your comic subscription to learn about the transition that Wonder Boy experiences as he turns into a respected hero in his own right. Order your discount subscription to the adventurous life of Nightwing.